Instagram Extra

Price / kg:
Purchase this package if you would like:

1. To place your link in our bio

2. An extra/ swipe post for purchased ads (2 ,4, 6...)

3. To put a post up on insta stories

4.5 hour Instagram post
Instagram Advertising

This package is for Insta stories, link in bio or swipe posts ONLY. With £10 you can purchase either to place your link in our bio for 24hrs or put a post/ad on insta stories or if you would like to have a swipe post, after purchasing your package, you can purchase additional posts from this package.

If you would like to advertise your brand for 24 hours, this is the package for you.

You can purchase as many extra’s as you would like and can combine different extra’s 

Swipe posts are £20 for two extra images.


É.g. If you purchase 2 Instagram extra’s, you can have your link in our bio for 2 days.

If you purchase 3 Instagram extra’s, you can have your link in our bio, 1 post on Insta stories and ,1 FIve hour post on the main Instagram page.


Email info at to discuss packages for LARGE BUSINESSES and Other Rates.


Once payment is made kindly send your ads via email to info at

Depending on the number of ads you purchase send them in separate emails.


Include your image, caption and relevant hashtags if applicable.


No refunds

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