No Such Thing As I Can't

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Join Anima on her Journey to #selflove, #selfacceptance and #selfbelief.

These stories are to show our children it’s okay to be different. It's okay to try and fail and try again. And it's okay to look exactly like yourself.

If we don't give them the right support growing up, then we allow them be influenced by their surroundings.

Let's give them a positive influence. Let's give them books made and written for them in mind.

There is no such thing as I can't and that's the message we have to teach our little ones as they grow.

The sky is the starting point. Join Amina as her father teaches her a valuable lesson in self-belief and self- confidence.

If you loved the first one 'I want to look like me' about self love then this one is a treat.

Book includes Activity section; Spelling, colouring, new words and questions with answers.

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